Evidence of Creatorship

Make your own luck. For more security and edge adopt the timestamp.

IP Enforcement

Bring your certificate as a piece of evidence before the Court to assert your rights.

Smart IP Rights and Registries

Give yourself and the public an opportunity to verify at ANYTIME that you are the owner of creation.

Digital Rights Management

Some work may earn money in the marketplace, while others earn none at all. Receive (micro) payments in real-time for your work (Selling, Licensing, etc.).
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Easy to Drop off & Get Proof of Copyright©

In few seconds, you can constitute an evidence creatorship to enforce your rights in case of litigation. A piece of cake with Cooking Guide?

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Our tool now aims to play an important role in Copyright.

Did you know! In Switzerland,  in Europe and in many countries, Copyright works are not recordable. For Sure, Copyright protection is obtained automatically without registration but the only problem is the proof that it is your own work in case of litigation. Thanks to a new way to legally authenticate evidence, we provide you with a certificate for original works.
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Verify who is the Author of a Creation©

Check at any time when a creative work has been registered through our system and information as the owner of the work. The inviolable nature of this new combination allows the Court or Any Person to know the author, the time of creation and the content. For questions, you can contact our office with the form below.





Saving time, Resources and Money

New Ecosystem

Our goal is to provide the general public and businesses with an easy-to-use platform for recording, verifying and interacting with copyright.

Data Encryption

Our decentralized platform is able to generate certificates of authenticity and to easily create contracts and licenses for their work.

Cut Expenses 

We seek to reduce transaction costs for the trade of IP works by simplifying the authentication process. Therein, licenses and payment management can be streamlined. 

Integrity & Guarantee 

The digital footprint of each document is unique and any modification will lead to the creation of a new hash. With this electronic proof, every author is protected. 

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